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VENDOR iQ revolutionises oversight across your supply chain, delivering real-time intelligence and robust compliance tools that integrate seamlessly with your existing systems.

Real-time Intelligence:

Instant updates and alerts on third-party relationships.

Enhanced Supplier Oversight:

Continuous monitoring to boost resilience and ensure compliance.

Comprehensive Partner Oversight:

In-depth evaluation of all partners to manage risks and seize opportunities.

VENDOR iQ Dashboard

How to Start your VENDOR iQ Partnership

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If the Regulator or your Shareholders walked into your office tomorrow, could you answer these questions?

Enhanced Third-Party
Due Diligence

Do you surpass mere compliance with thorough and proactive scrutiny?

Cost Efficiency and Innovation

Are you pioneering cost-effective innovations, or tied to outdated models?

Competitive Market Positioning

Are you setting the pace, leaving competitors behind in extracting supply chain value?

Revenue and Cyber Risk Security

Are you fully aware of your business partnerships and prepared for digital threats?


Does your board navigate confidently or risk blindness in data overload?

Proactive Monitoring and Risk Mitigation

Is your vigilance robust enough to identify and prevent unseen vulnerabilities?


In a crisis, can you prove your resilience on the spot, or will your operations crumble under pressure?

Advancing Consumer Duty

Are you protecting your customers from all risks, or is there a hidden threat?

Ready to Answer with Confidence?

Don’t let uncertainty be your downfall. Ensure you’re prepared with VENDOR iQ at your side.

Click here to empower your compliance, sharpen your competitive edge, and secure your operations today!

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