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Harness the power of our product suite to make procurement and vendor management within financial services easy.

Designed to help you reduce cost, risks, and gain the competitive edge in a complex, rapidly evolving industry.

VENDOR iQ Intelligence

  • Comprehensive vendor data and insights
  • Benchmarks and performance evaluation
  • Streamlined procurement process
  • Transparent real-time bidding (TBC)
  • Valuable community insights
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VENDOR iQ Assurance

  • Real-time vendor performance insights
  • Regulatory compliance integration
  • Syndicated auditing and reporting
  • Tailored process alignment
  • Risk mitigation and improved efficiency
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VENDOR iQ Operations

  • Streamlined vendor management
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Enhanced client-vendor interactions
  • Customised solutions for challenges
  • Competitive edge through optimisation
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Dashboard Creation

With our proprietary data, we’ll create a custom dashboard for your vendor stack. It offers valuable insights for your business.

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Once your dashboard is ready, we’ll notify you with a quick link and you’ll have full access to our Insights and your Free Assurance Dashboard.

Explore our services designed to generate ROI

  • Full Vendor Surveillance
  • Ideal Vendor Generator
  • Speak to a Vendor Manager

If the Regulator or your Shareholders walked into your office tomorrow, could you answer these questions?

  • Vendor selection process; is it up to the test?
  • Vendor due diligence; outdated or current?
  • Vendor replacement; could you change tomorrow?
  • Vendor value; getting your money’s worth?
  • Vendor selection; what drove the decision?
  • Vendor’s financials; rock solid, shaky, or don’t know?
  • Vendor’s reputation; sparkling or tarnished?
  • Vendor cybersecurity; how robust is their framework?
  • Vendor oversight; do you have a bulletproof process?

Hesitated on any of these questions? It’s time you partner with VENDOR iQ.

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PHONE: 0800 538 5405