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VENDOR iQ Intelligence


A versatile platform that is an easy way to enhance your vendor management for FREE with:

    1. Best-in-class vendor management processes and guidance.
    2. Thought leadership and relevant news.
    3. Engaging with your peers to foster better vendor relationships; and
    4. A FREE Vendor Surveillance Light Profile bespoke to you!


Make quicker, more informed decisions about your existing and new vendor relationships with our sophisticated output and tools.

VENDOR iQ Assurance

Comprehensive Surveillance

Utilise our extensive surveillance solution to monitor vendor operations, ensuring that they remain in line with standards and expectations.

    1. Monitor the financial health, operational robustness, and risk profile of your vendors, offering a holistic view of their performance real time

Regulatory Compliance

Our solution integrates compliance into your vendor management process, making sure you stay ahead of the regulator and maintain good standing in the market.

Syndicated Auditing and Reporting

Leverage our syndicated auditing feature to reduce costs, increase speed, and perform more frequent oversight of your vendors.

Process Alignment

Our team of experts is available to provide guidance and set up tailored surveillance to your business’s unique needs and challenges.

VENDOR iQ Operations

Vendor Management

Have our experts manage all your vendor relationships efficiently from one platform, saving time and ensuring you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Operational Efficiency

Level up your BAU performance with our unique scoring system that rates vendors based on efficiency, performance, and reliability.

Client & Vendor Interactions

Foster stronger relationships with your vendors through interactive and streamlined communication channels.

Customised Solutions

Leverage our expert team and Certified Collaborators to help you address your specific challenges and improve your vendor strategy.

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