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Annual loss in UK financial services due to poor supply chain management.


Yearly fines by the FCA, with 25% related to supplier management lapses.


The increased expense of fixing compliance issues compared to getting it right initially.

Secure your vendor management process with VENDOR iQ.

Ensure your legacy and business growth, stay ahead of the regulator, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance – all with VENDOR iQ




Utilise our extensive surveillance solution to monitor vendor operations, ensuring that they remain in line with standards and expectations.

Monitor the financial health, operational robustness, and risk profile of your vendors, offering a holistic view of their performance real time.


Our solution integrates compliance into your vendor management process, making sure you stay ahead of the regulator and maintain good standing in the market.

Auditing and Reporting

Leverage our syndicated auditing feature to reduce costs, increase speed, and perform more frequent oversight of your vendors.

Process Alignment

Our team of experts is available to provide guidance and set up tailored surveillance to your business’s unique needs and challenges.


Make quicker, more informed decisions about your existing and new vendor relationships with our sophisticated output and tools.

Supplier Oversight

Focus: Monitors critical suppliers and outsourced providers. Tier 1 and Tier 2 dependencies documented and monitored.

Benefit: Enhances operational resilience at low cost and high scalability.

Partner Oversight

Focus: Broad surveillance of the distribution chain including IFAs, DFMs, etc. Large volume footprint Tier 1 coverage.

Benefit: Real-time monitoring of key relationship aspects.

In a matter of hours VENDOR iQ can be plugged in as an extension to your process and increase the effectiveness of your compliance and operations monitoring by 100x :

Reduce costs:

Amplify your team’s impact in supply chain processes that yield direct and indirect savings by enhancing operational processes intelligently.

Mitigate risk:

Proactively elevate your team’s risk management and oversight capabilities, enhancing foresight and responsiveness in critical areas.

Uncover opportunities:

Equip your team with the insights and tools to identify and take advantage of those hidden opportunities within your operation.

Make quicker, more informed decisions about your existing and new vendor relationships with our sophisticated output and tools.

Evaluate your vendors performance in relation to industry standards and competition and identify areas of improvement.

Unlock the potential of data with VENDOR iQ.

Make better decisions, streamline procurement, and understand your vendors better – all under one roof.

VENDOR iQ Dashboard

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