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Our top 3 themes for 2022 | GrapheneIS

Advisors and family offices will continue to expand into new business lines:

Firms must start considering how they achieve an engaging digital proposition. As we enter the Great Wealth Transfer, and the quality of data analytics and digital communication continues to improve the personalisation of the client experience using technology will be critical.

Alternative and digital asset classes adoption will ramp up:

The retail and now institutional adoption of this space is something that firms will need to approach carefully. Whether this be an embrace or not, firms will need to consider the educational, technological and commercial ramifications of adoption and how that can be integrated into their proposition.


During the pandemic, we’ve seen more supplier shifts and reviews than in normal years. After taking business home with us, it’s been clear that people are now taking a ‘life view’ on their operations and if it doesn’t fit it’s being changed! Creating a trusted partner group will be key for advisors and family offices next year as firms select long-term, like-minded partners with aligned goals and values to continue to move onwards into a covid normal world.

If you are an investment advisory business or investment office that is looking to set a foundation and have hands-on industry specialists support your proposition development. Graphene I.S is well placed to respond to the ever-changing marketplace as we have built our business model on a foundation + solution mindset. Our high quality and sophisticated investment custody platform and tailored suite of services are tuned through a digital experience for our specific target market of sophisticated advisors and investment offices.

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