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In the ever-evolving landscape of wealth and asset management, HeirWealth emerges as a trailblazer in bridging the generational gap between industry veterans and tech-savvy innovators.

Their unique offering, a living wealth register, is transforming traditional financial systems.

As wealth transitions across generations, this innovative approach is providing both end clients and wealth managers with a seamless and secure solution to navigate the financial supply chain.

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As the financial supply chain takes centre stage in the wealth and asset management sector, the need for robust security practices becomes paramount. HeirWealth’s journey is deeply embedded in understanding the dynamics of this supply chain and addressing its challenges.

One of HeirWealth’s key strengths lies in its commitment to data security. Their practices adhere to the best international standards, with a focus on safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. Their processes are certified against ISO27001, a globally recognised benchmark for information security management systems.

Within the financial supply chain, controlling access to data is crucial. HeirWealth employs a combination of role-based and resource-based authorisation to limit access strictly. Only users with authorisation from the head of the family can access information. For added security, they offer the option of two-factor authentication (2FA).

HeirWealth’s commitment to security goes beyond standard practices. They automatically scan all source code for security vulnerabilities. Regular penetration and vulnerability tests, along with security assessments, are conducted to ensure the presence of robust security controls.

In the financial supply chain, data encryption is non-negotiable. HeirWealth employs a zero-knowledge architecture to ensure that all personally identifiable data is encrypted at rest. Additionally, all API and web traffic is encrypted in transit. This stringent encryption ensures that only authorised users have access to data, making it impossible for unauthorised parties to access sensitive details such as account numbers, locations, and asset values.


HeirWealth’s data security is fortified by their use of locally deployed Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure. This architecture provides several advantages, including built-in infrastructure maintenance, security patching, backups, and scalability.

HeirWealth’s security practices directly relate to supply chain management within the financial industry. The financial supply chain depends on secure data transmission and storage. By implementing robust security measures, HeirWealth is contributing to the overall integrity of the financial supply chain.

As HeirWealth blazes a trail in wealth and asset management, their unwavering commitment to security not only benefits their end clients and wealth managers but also strengthens the overall financial supply chain. In an era where data is a critical asset, HeirWealth’s approach exemplifies the practices and principles required to secure the financial supply chain, ensuring that the transitions of wealth are seamless and protected.

HeirWealth’s security practices serve as a reference point for understanding what supports a resilient financial supply chain, aligning perfectly with the principles of DORA (Data Operations, Resilience, and Assurance).

By comprehending their dedication to data security, wealth and asset managers can glean valuable insights into safeguarding the integrity of their financial supply chain.

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