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GrapheneIS is delighted to introduce our new COO - Andrew Gaunt

He reflects on his career progression within the platform industry, why tech integration excites him, and why he never became a fireman.

Role and responsibilities:

Primarily I’m coming on board to support the overall growth of the business, overseeing project deliverables and making sure the clients are happy and getting the best service possible.

Tell us about your background?

I’ve worked in financial services for over 17 years, starting as a junior straight out of school at Adam & Company – the private wealth sector of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

I started in the settlements team mainly doing admin tasks and had an opportunity early on to move across to Multrees Investor Services, where they wanted to provide the service offering (custody and various admin services for clients) and integrate it with technology.

I was one of the few that jumped over to Multrees and spent 11 and a half challenging years helping build the company up from its foundation.

GrapheneIS offers some core differences in its structure and approach. I see the advantages within that for improving the client experience and want to be a part of shaping that.

It gives me a good basis to onboard new clients, integrate technology and explore what other services we can offer that will ensure GrapheneIS provides a bespoke model for clients – client sentiment and their experience is really at my core, I want clients to be happy!

What is the biggest issue facing the industry?

From my experience, its scalability and technology – clients need an easy to access suite of services that’s going to support their entire business. They need a digital, high-quality offering with robust tech integration that allows them to self-serve where needed, without issues. The GrapheneIS vision has impressed me and I’m excited to help build that out even further.

What’s been the most significant moment of your career so far?

Other than my move to GrapheneIS? My proudest achievement was stepping up to run both the settlements and a newly founded execution services team in my previous position.

On the execution services side for listed assets, we went from having no service offering to within the space of a year, having a 300k revenue earner with Bloomberg integrated into our systems and being able to offer that out to clients.

What keeps you busy outside of work?

Other than spending time with my girlfriend, I enjoy cycling. I joined the fitness wagon during lockdown, bought myself a bike, and have been cycling 40km a day ever since.

I’m also a gamer – and enjoy playing on the PS5 when I have time.

You have a time machine. Do you go to the future or the past?

Well, I’m a firm believer that you don’t stay in the past – so I would go somewhere in the future, maybe 300 years or so. I’d like to see if they’ve invented teleportation – if only so you can get on holiday faster!

What have you been watching lately?

My partners currently watching the Big Bang Theory for the second time- and we’ve started watching Designated Survivor which I’m thoroughly enjoying. The new Fantastic Beasts was fantastic! however, I found it strange that they had swapped out Grindelwald for a new actor, and we were supposed to just ignore that fact?

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A fireman – what young boy didn’t! I went through all the career tests at school to work out what you should be and mine came back as a somewhat boring data entry clerk – so miles away from my dream job as a fireman.

Who do you admire?

Steve Jobs and Elon Musk – those front runners in tech companies, people that innovate and do things differently interest me.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Still at GrapheneIS of course, but with a lot more clients on board, offering various custody solutions and all in one platform that people can run their businesses through.

We’re also looking at moving house soon, with remote working in full swing I’m looking for somewhere with more space and walks in the countryside.

OFFICE ADDRESS: 4 Royal Crescent Glasgow Scotland G3 7SL


PHONE: 0800 538 5405