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In the high-stakes world of wealth and asset management, selecting B2B vendors based on habit, perceived convenience, or even personal rapport is a gamble that today’s firms can no longer afford. When it comes to operational efficiency and ROI, it’s time to demand more. It’s time to elevate the standard. 

Enter VENDOR iQ – where the conundrum meets its match. 

At VENDOR iQ, having been consumers and providers of these services we understand the pressures of regulation, the imperative of transparency, and the aspirations of growth. We are bringing a vendor management platform that transforms how investment businesses approach their operational strategy – by turning challenges into opportunities. 

Reduce Risk

In a landscape marked by regulatory scrutiny, VENDOR iQ’s platform empowers wealth and asset managers to meet and exceed compliance standards like the Consumer Duty. With tools to validate supplier suitability, evidence oversight, and monitor ongoing compliance, you can confidently mitigate the risks of non-compliance. 

Reduce Costs

It’s time to redefine cost optimisation. VENDOR iQ’s platform streamlines the procurement and ongoing supply chain management process with a structured framework that enables efficient interactions. Leverage expertly enriched data taxonomies for actionable cost analysis and benchmarking, uncovering opportunities to optimise vendor relationships and achieve significant cost reductions. 

Evidence Governance:

Effective governance and oversight aren’t just regulatory requirements – they’re non-negotiables for building trust. VENDOR iQ’s platform provides comprehensive reporting functionalities that centralise vendor information, track compliance, and generate customisable reports, showcasing your commitment to transparency, accountability, and robust governance practices. 

Grow and Scale:

Growth is a journey, and VENDOR iQ is your partner on that journey. With a scalable vendor management solution, we support the evolving needs of investment firms, from seamless vendor onboarding to efficient relationship management and supply chain scalability. As you grow and adapt to market demands, VENDOR iQ ensures that operational efficiency remains a constant.

With VENDOR iQ, you don’t just manage vendors – you transform the way you do business. From unlocking strategic game-changers to identifying revenue opportunities, accessing tailored market intelligence, and embedding value exchange into operational processes, VENDOR iQ elevates your vendor management to a strategic asset. 

Request a demo today and discover how VENDOR iQ revolutionizes vendor management for investment businesses, delivering efficiency, cost savings, and competitive advantage. 

VENDOR iQ – Elevate the Standard. 

Unlock the supply chain value in financial services

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