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VENDOR iQ Assurance

Your complete vendor surveillance solution for risk mitigation, oversight, and growth.

Secure your vendor management process with VENDOR iQ

Risk Mitigation

Be proactive with your risk management by efficiently and effectively mitigating risks associated with your key third party relationships.

Improved Compliance

Stay ahead of the curve with our compliance integration and access best-practice protocols and benchmarks embedded into your oversight model.

Cost Savings

Our syndicated auditing solution allows you to identify direct cost savings and share audit costs with other businesses.

Greater Efficiency

With VENDOR iQ Assurance, you can streamline your vendor management process, and focus more time and money investing into the future success of your business, today.

Secure your vendor management process with VENDOR iQ Assurance.

Insure your legacy and business growth, stay ahead of the regulator, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance – all with VENDOR iQ Assurance.

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Embedded Compliance

Integrate your compliance markers into the vendor management process for tailored a truly tailored plug in.

Enhanced Surveillance

Gain real-time insights into vendor performance, monitoring their compliance, financial health, and operational strength.

Syndicated Reporting

Leverage syndicated auditing to perform higher quality and more frequent oversight of your vendors.

Process Alignment

Set up tailored surveillance to your business’s unique needs.

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